Optical Design & Engineering

At FISBA, we’ve developed a design process that provides the framework needed to solve the most advanced optical challenges.

Designs That Meet Your Most Demanding Optical Requirements

Precision optics form the foundation of our customers’ products, providing a key competitive edge. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of custom optics tailored to your precise specifications. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to build optics with diameters ranging from 0.4 mm to 50 mm. We excel in volume manufacturing of miniaturized, high-precision micro optics and optical assemblies.

Our Optical Engineering Capabilities

  • Illumination optics design for broadband light sources, LEDs, and laser sources (Vis, NIR, and SWIR)
  • Optical design for lenses systems, mirrors, optical filters, scan systems, adaptive optics, imaging assemblies, tube lenses, and microscope objectives
  • Detection Optics for imaging sensors (CMOS, CCD, InGaAs arrays) and point detectors (APD, PMTs)
  • 3D display systems, viewers
  • Software development and image processing
  • Opto-mechanical systems
  • Mechatronics and automation systems
  • Alignment and assembly fixtures and tools

Common Optical Design & Engineering Challenges We Resolve

  • Optimizing or filtering specific wavelengths
  • Determining project specifications
  • Image quality
  • Lens design, materials, and cost
  • Illumination of field of view
  • Positioning and testing of lenses
  • Design for sterilization

Having Optical Design Challenges?

We’re here to help. We take your key product specifications and create a design that enhances your imagery. Reach out to us today.

Developing Precise Components With Our Optical Process

Collaborating with a trusted photonics company is crucial in obtaining the optimal component for your optical system. At FISBA, we recognize the significance of delivering accurate and dependable parts, achieving it through following our comprehensive end-to-end optical process.


The feasibility stage aims to determine the practicality of your proposed idea through problem definition, technology assessments, early solution evaluation, and a practical review of the user, functional, and technical requirements.

Concept Development

Concept development involves everything from determining how your technology will fit into a usable device to producing engineering prototypes for clinical or human factors testing to de-risking the design to ensure a smooth product development phase.

Product Development

The primary goal of product development is to finalize the product’s design and transfer it to manufacturing. When feasibility and concept development are done correctly, this phase is fast and linear.


Once product development is complete, the next stage is to confirm the accuracy of the manufacturing process and provide your team with sellable, functional units.


Our involvement extends beyond production. Our team is available to provide support for your product development.

Our Assemblies & Manufacturing Capabilities

At FISBA, we know that precision is key for optical assemblies. As a leading photonics solutions provider, we offer assemblies and manufacturing solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. We leverage our extensive supply chain network to source the following components for our clients:

  • Glass optics
  • Sapphire windows
  • Fiber optic bundles
  • Laser welded metal assemblies

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