Micro Optics

With diameters down to 300µm, our micro optics offer big performance for today and tomorrow’s solutions.

What We Do

Driving innovation in micro optics production, we excel in the design and manufacturing of rods, prisms, singlets, and compound elements.

Used in applications such as:

  • Endoscopy
  • Medical imaging
  • Flow cytometry
  • Spectroscopy
  • Remote sensing
  • Embedded vision systems

Featured Micro Optics

Micro optical components for UHD endoscope

High volume molded optics for 3D profiling

<2mm F/6 5 element 120° imaging lens

High volume molded aspheric optics for embedded imaging

High volume spherical mini-optic (<1mm) for medical imaging

1.8mm molded chalcogenide optic for midwave gas spectroscopy

Technical Data Sheets & White Papers

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FISBA micro optics are used across many industries and applications.

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