Optical Assemblies & Manufacturing Solutions

FISBA’s design-for-manufacturing philosophy begins at early-stage development to de-risk and deliver a manufacturable solution. By building working prototypes, we can test your product to ensure optimum performance of the optical systems. Once key specifications and performance are confirmed, we further support our customers by producing high-volume quantities of the optical assemblies.

Optical Solutions That Deliver Precision Performance

In industries reliant on optical systems, precision is measured in millimeters, errors can significantly impact daily operations. Utilizing precise, high-quality components is crucial to prevent issues that could compromise device accuracy and functionality. The key to ensuring optimal product performance lies in partnering with a reputable photonics supplier.

Since 1957, FISBA has employed state-of-the-art machinery to provide superior precision assembly solutions across diverse industries. Our team understands the significance of using the right materials and leverages our knowledge and experience to design and manufacture custom optical imaging systems featuring:

  • Assembly of off the shelf (OTS) and custom optics
  • Micro-optics and micro-optical assemblies
  • Fiber optic installation and polishing
  • Hermetic seals
  • Custom mechanical housing
  • Motion control (x,y,z stages) and automation systems
  • Illumination and detection modules
  • Traceability and inventory control
  • Complete optical systems with electronics and control software

Optical Assembly Solutions Designed to Meet Your Needs

We harness 60 years of knowledge and experience to create assemblies that meet your product and performance specifications. Contact us today to learn more.

Supply Chain Capabilities

We understand the importance of efficiently sourcing project materials to prevent delays. Our team leverages our global partnerships to procure parts for optical assemblies and prototypes. Examples of procured materials are PCB boards, camera sensors, lens housing, and micro-optics, as shown below.

Cylindrical Micro Optics

  • High volume production
  • Aspheric cylinder lenses
  • Laser Diode Beam

Precision Molded Lenses

  • Mid volume production
  • Aspheric lenses


  • Angular accuracy 3”
  • Edge length +/- 0.01 mm, chip < 0.03 mm
  • Surface roughness < 0.5 nm


  • Conventional and CNC machining
  • Radii as small as 0.5 mm
  • Diameter range from 0.4 mm to 50 mm

Cementing and Centering

  • Highest centering accuracy
  • Achromatic multi systems
  • Lens / Prisms combinations

Endoscopic Rod Lenses

  • Centering error < 5’
  • Center thickness tolerance +/- 0.02 mm
  • Diameter tolerance +/- 0.005 mm

Thin Film

  • Ion Assisted Deposition
  • Thin film design and simulation
  • Coating metrology and testing

Assembly, Machine Shop

  • Positioning accuracy +/- 0.01 mm
  • ISO class 6 clean rooms
  • FDA Approval for Medical Devices
  • 5 axis grinding machine
  • Turning machine

Optical Assemblies Manufactured to Meet Your Product Specifications

Our industry-leading, precision optical assembly for medical, life science, and industrial instrument markets is at the heart of What We Do. Our production team at FISBA is passionate about translating our customers’ designs into precision optical assemblies, starting as engineering prototypes in the product development phase of our New Product Development Process and scaling to finished products in volume production. From miniature endoscopes, optical modules, and imaging objectives to full optical systems encompassing optics, illumination, electronics and software, our team of experienced engineers and assembly technicians bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise that our customers have come to depend on and trust.

Within our production facility, we have established dedicated production work cells to assemble and test everything from individual optical elements to complex optical assemblies. In addition, our systems and processes are built on and aligned to ISO 13485 for medical devices and ISO 9001 for non-regulated products. These assets allow our team to develop and test your optical products with the highest quality standards, repeatedly and reliably, as we work through your product development journey from concept to manufacture.

  • Glass optics
  • Injection molded plastic optics
  • Sapphire windows
  • Lithography printed chrome on glass elements
  • Fiber Optic bundles
  • Custom coated filters and dichroic mirrors
  • Metal and plastic CNC machined parts
  • Metal and plastic 3D printed parts
  • Photo etched and laser cut parts
  • Laser welded metal assemblies
  • PCBs, electronics

Ensuring Quality and Performance of Optical Assemblies with Metrology & Testing

Meeting your product performance specifications is a top priority for our team. We leverage our expertise and state-of-the-art metrology and test equipment to measure the performance of individual optics, complex lens assemblies, and optical systems used in various applications. The benefits of our approach to custom metrology enable real-time assembly feedback that correlates with the tolerance analysis performed in the design stage. This can be used to validate as-built specifications that can include:

  • Measurement of aspherical and freeform surfaces with precision down to 50 nm
  • Centering measurement accuracy of < 2 µm
  • Exact evaluation of the imaging quality of our optics
  • Determination of center thickness and air gaps with 1 µm accuracy
  • Measurement of surface roughness with precision < 0.5 nm

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