Our Approach to Custom Optics & Photonics Solutions

At FISBA, we’re leaders in the design, development and manufacturing of high-precision optical components and assemblies. We engage our clients at every stage of the process, creating a commercial path to volume production, metrology, and support.

Supporting Our Customers With Advanced Optical Expertise

Since 1957, we have partnered with clients to design, develop, and manufacture custom optical solutions. We work closely with our clients to learn what problems they are trying to solve and commit to achieving world-changing results.

At FISBA, we believe our best work comes from mutual understanding and respect. We focus on what matters most: helping our customers accelerate their product development, creating a path to manufacturing and enabling the successful launch of new products. When our customers are successful, we are successful.

Our Optical Solutions

Looking for Optical Engineering, Assembly, or Manufacturing Support?

Our team of engineers and technicians has decades of experience guiding our customers through all stages of product development to high-volume production. Contact us to learn more.

Optical Solutions for Your Applications

Optical solutions require expertise and knowledge to deliver enhanced precision. We take pride in delivering industry-leading solutions that suit your industry, including:

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