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Micro Optics

Driving innovation in micro optics production, we excel in the design and manufacturing of rods, prisms, singlets, and compound elements.

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Imaging Optics

Custom design, prototyping and volume production of double sided aspheres, off axis aspheres, acylindrical lens arrays, diffractives, and free form optics in the visible and infrared spectrums.

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Laser & Beam Shaping Optics

Custom design, prototyping and volume production of Fast Axis Collimator Lenses (FACs), Slow Axis Collimator Lenses (SACs), Arrays, and Beam Twisters.

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Micro Cameras

Leverage our extensive experience in micro camera design and production to accelerate your system development, reduce your risk, and enhance the performance of your solution.

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Laser Module Platforms

Free space or fiber coupled propagation with customizable beam characteristics enable us to meet exact customer specifications for laser diode platforms.

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Vision Systems

From simple mounted optics to complex multi-imager modules, ranging from 0.7 mm to 250 mm in diameter and wavelengths from UV to SWIR, we deliver advanced solutions to enable your application.

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Medical & Bio Photonics

In the past decade, FISBA's micro imaging solutions were successfully used in over 450 million medical procedures in the US alone.

These outcomes are enabled with continuous innovation in precision micro optic components and systems.

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Aerospace & Defense

Delivering advanced sensing and imaging outcomes for mission critical land, air and sea platforms from VIS to LWIR.

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Materials Processing

Our optical components and assemblies designed for shaping and collimating laser sources (from mw to kW) provide consistent results that improve system performance and end user value.

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Industrial Production

We take inspection requirements and turn them into photonics system solutions which enable our customers to focus on delivering their unique systems faster and with more confidence.

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Our technologies are the pillars of our unique solutions, leading the way to reliable, accurate and relevant customer outcomes, from 1 to 1 million units.

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We know optics and photonics — from design to volume production.


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Why choose FISBA as your partner in optics?


We’re equipped with the best minds in our field, experts who deliver results on a daily basis.


Over 60 years in the precision optics industry delivering mission critical components and systems across the industry and globe.


Our mission, vision and values are centered around providing the highest value return to our partners.


Our commitment to reliability, accuracy, and service ensures continued success for your business.


Process control ensures cost, performance, and time are continuously balanced, resulting in seamless integration from component to end product.

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July 5, 2019
Multiple source laser module with integrated laser driver – ready to use! The newest addition to FISBA’s portfolio, the READYBeam™, will expand the features and functions to further enable instrument designers a simple, compact and powerful option. It dramatically reduces...
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May 5-7, 2020
The Vision Show
June 9-11, 2020
November 16-19, 2020
FISBA Launches US Website for Custom Optics and Photonics Systems
April 11, 2019