About Us

At FISBA, we are market leaders in custom optical components and specialized optical systems. We develop and deliver innovative photonics solutions for imaging applications.

Our Mission

To be the leading presence of micro-photonics excellence in North America. Micro-photonics enable new and unique ways of directly improving our health, productivity, and security. With our team of experienced engineers and technicians, we strive to be the ultimate partner that provides the medical, diagnostic, and aerospace markets with the most advanced and reliable optical solutions.

Our History

FISBA was founded in 1957 by Waldemar Streitzel, Christian Fischbacher Sen., and Hennoch Altherr to produce precision optical instruments. With headquarters in St. Gallen, Switzerland, FISBA has grown to become a global leader in the photonics industry by delivering innovative and reliable solutions to customers.

In 2023, FISBA acquired Gray Optics, an optical design and engineering firm based in Portland, Maine to expand its presence in North America. With our team of expert engineers and technicians, our office is well known for its optical design, engineering, and assembly manufacturing capabilities.

Our Global Presence

One of our values at FISBA is to nurture strong and enduring relationships with customers, partners, and suppliers. This commitment to excellence has allowed us to continue providing high-quality services while supporting our partners and helping to grow suppliers. We have locations in multiple countries that increase the capability of our supply chain service offerings.

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