Optical Solutions for Aerospace & Defense Applications

At FISBA, we leverage 60 years of knowledge and experience to design and manufacture optics and sub-systems for devices in aerospace and defense applications.

Building Optics for Aerospace & Defense Devices

Precision and reliability are paramount in the defense and aerospace industries. Cutting-edge technologies require expertly engineered components to function optimally, and any errors in the design or manufacturing stages can have catastrophic consequences.

For over 60 years, we at FISBA have designed and manufactured high-precision photonic solutions that meet the exacting needs of these industries. Our optical components and systems integration expertise contribute to the development of technologies that safeguard national security. We understand that low quality materials or workmanship can jeopardize critical operations. That’s why defense and aerospace partners trust us to deliver photonic solutions tailored to their exact requirements. Our commitment to quality and precision ensures our products perform flawlessly, even in the most demanding defense and aerospace applications.

Image Processing and Metrology System Components That We Manufacture

Security is a top priority for the aerospace and defense industry, and they need precisely built components to increase protection. We have experience manufacturing parts for the following image processing systems:

  • Target detection in the visible and infrared spectral range
  • Image processing systems for advanced imaging systems
  • Optical trackers
  • Thermal and night vision optics
  • Unmanned flight and transport systems
  • Laser range-finders and laser target markers
  • Multispectral and hyperspectral imaging
  • Head-up displays (HUD)

Manufacturing Precision Optics for the Defense and Aerospace Industry

At FISBA, we use our decades of experience to build precise components that meet the needs of our clients. Contact us today to start designing your parts.

Designing and Manufacturing Image Processing System Solutions With Our End-to-End Process

At FISBA, we understand that precision and consistency are vital for aerospace and defense companies working with sensitive instrumentation. Partnering with an optics provider that delivers inconsistent results jeopardizes a technician’s ability to calibrate targeting systems. We use a rigorous process to deliver reliable optics solutions to our clients.

How We Support the Aerospace and Defense Industry

We partner with aerospace and defense companies to develop precise, repeatable solutions. Our experts utilize industry-leading equipment to create standardized, customizable components and systems, from prototypes to high-volume production. We help clients build roadmaps to meet their unique requirements with the latest innovations.

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