Illumination and Laser Optics

FISBA works closely with clients to verify their illumination lens is the right size and wavelength.

Custom Illumination Optics Solutions

From medical practitioners examining patients to life science technicians analyzing samples, professionals across multiple industries rely on light sources to support their work. Optical systems that lack the necessary lighting quality reduce operator visibility and can lead to errors.

As an industry-leading photonics company, FISBA has over 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing laser and illumination lens solutions that deliver the right wavelength and the necessary power for the right size and location. Our engineers have the technical proficiency to guarantee our clients’ components work properly, and they accomplish this by leveraging the following capabilities:

  • Concept, design, and assembly of compact LED or laser modules
  • Free space beam shaping
  • Single-mode or multi-mode fiber coupling
  • Light combining with color coordinate control
  • Adhesive bonding of active and passive electro-optical and optical components
  • Active precision positioning and bonding of optical components
  • Active PER alignment
  • Power control by closed-loop architecture
  • Reduced noise architectures

A Laser Optics Provider With Enhanced Technical Proficiency

FISBA’s 60 years of experience allow us to create custom illumination lens solutions for our clients. Contact us today to start designing your component.

Advantages of Our Laser Optics Solutions

Optical elements need the necessary illumination system to allow users to work efficiently. Any surface quality issues can impact the operational capacity of optical systems and reduce durability and reliability. FISBA’s engineers have over 50 years of experience developing illuminations for clients and leverage our knowledge to make the best lighting recommendation for their component’s needs. Working with us provides the following advantages:

  • Commitment to Innovation

    Lighting applications are constantly evolving, and working with a reputable photonics provider is essential for getting the latest solutions. FISBA’s team takes pride in monitoring the latest trends and offering the highest-level components to our clients.

  • Customization

    At FISBA, we understand that many companies have unique laser optics needs. Our team works closely with clients to understand their specifications and creates an illumination system that suits their application.

Verify Your Illumination Optics With Our Metrology Solutions

Designing and manufacturing laser optics solutions that are precise and enhance performance is a focal point for FISBA’s team. Our engineers believe in providing industry-leading quality assurance by routinely performing metrology tests that guarantee quality by delivering standard and repeatable processes using the latest equipment, including:

  • Panasonic UA3P profilometer UA3P for profiles of aspheres and freeforms
  • Automated Zygo Fizeau interferometer with QPSI enabled
  • Zygo profilometer for contactless microroughness
  • Zeiss Micura CMM
  • OptiSurf and OptiCentric for center thickness and centration measurements
  • EssentOptics spectrophotometer
  • OTS Micro to measure EFL and BFL of cylindrical optics

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